First Blog

Why am I starting a blog?  Partly to justify having a website that emphasizes marketing, maybe to take notes on my progress and because I am taking WordPress Boggling101.

Much of my long career has been spent marketing.  I started with a Girl Scout Troop where I learned to emphasize activities that interested kids so that they would come to meetings.  That led to teaching where the same principles apply: make it interesting (even though they didn’t have the option of not attending).  When my husband left I got a “real” paying job in programming which led to marketing of the products we developed (software to enhance the usage of trainers of nuclear power plant operators).

Trying my hand at my own businesses, I marketed myself to various software developers and started a perfume importing business (to justify visiting my distributor/boyfriend who lived in Paris).  Not wildly successful operations, so I joined the Peace Corps, after getting an MBA in marketing.  I worked in business development and winning EU grants by marketing hard working Estonians.

I tried retirement, but that didn’t take.  So I put my programming and marketing skills together and started this business.  My first and steadfast contract has been with  (my wonderful daughter) and have since branched out to other clients and volunteer groups.  I work primarily with Word Press but am getting better at HTML and CSS – so watch out world!  My next blog may be all in purple.


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