About McMath Marketing

McMath Marketing Optimization is skilled at helping you get the most from your on-line marketing efforts.   We encourage our clients to carefully analyze their customer base and understand their customers’  desires in order to correctly direct their marketing efforts.   We specialize in web page building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with special emphasis on customer relations.  We believe the most important part of marketing is understanding your customers’ needs and your ability to meet them.

Lil 2012

Lillian McMath has many years experience in marketing in technical fields.  After obtaining her MBA, she continued her career in the Nuclear power plant simulation business by marketing software there.  Later she successfully marketed a French perfume that her company imported.  In the Peace Corps she worked on improving the marketing for the local tourist industry in Estonia.  She is currently engaged in improving the ranking of  several company’s web sites.  And she is happy to help you develop or revise your website using WordPress.


By Lillian McMath